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Empowering PV Plants: Unleashing the Power of Predictive Maintenance with KYKLOS4.0 Services

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SOLARIO provides an analysis tool designed for use in the solar sector with the capability to offer satellite-model data and measurements that have the lowest possible level of uncertainty when assessing the solar performance of a site.

Weather Insights

Solar Radiation


PV Prodcution

Modular & Efficient

How does it work

Predictive Maintenance

Our advanced strategy leverages data analysis, machine learning algorithms, and predictive models to foresee and tackle potential issues before they result in system failure. With a focus on real-time system condition monitoring, anomaly detection, and predicting future faults or failures, our predictive maintenance plan ensures optimal performance and prevents costly downtime.

PV Plant Efficiency with Advanced Anomaly Detection

Enhance the performance of your PV plant with our specialized anomaly detection module. Leveraging satellite data, advanced analytics, and real-time monitoring, our module identifies and alerts you to potential anomalies in your PV plant's operation. Stay proactive and ensure optimal efficiency with our reliable anomaly detection solution for PV plants.

AI-Driven Yield Prediction for Optimal Performance

Harnessing the power of satellite data, weather re-analysis data, and on-site location history, our customized AI model delivers precise yield predictions for your specific site. By analyzing a wealth of data, our advanced solution empowers you to optimize your operations, forecast energy production, and make informed decisions to maximize your site's yield potential. Stay one step ahead with our cutting-edge AI-driven yield prediction for your site.

Universal data collector

Leave the data collection to us: whether it's on-site data or satellite and weather data, we handle it all to construct a tailored model for your plants. Our comprehensive service ensures seamless integration of diverse data sources, allowing us to develop a customized model that precisely caters to your plant's unique characteristics. Sit back and let us take care of the data collection and model-building process for optimal performance of your plants.

KYKLOS4.0 services for SOLARIO

Fostering Circular Innovation: By integrating our tool with KYKLOS 4.0 services, we actively drive the circular nature of the project, utilizing predictive maintenance capabilities and addressing circular indicators that highlight the circularity of our solution.

SOLARIO: a tool able for unprecedented anomaly detection and predictive maintenance for PV systems

SOLARIO added value

  • Enhancing energy efficiency and renewables
  • Cost reduction and increased output
  • Improved reliability and economic growth
  • Leveraging the power of Kyklos Predictive Maintenance KYKLOS 4.0 service to structure a first proof of concept for added value.
  • Streamlining the commercial exploitation of the project practical results, capitalizing on the insights and outcomes generated throughout its duration.

Pilot Locations

SOLARIOput into practice

SOLARIO solution is being put into test in 11 pilot locations all over Greece

Solario partners

We redefine industries with transformative AI, offering data-driven insights to optimize business processes.
Our services span Weather & Climate Analytics for hyperlocal forecasts, Renewable Energy Optimization for greener solutions, and Fintech AI for personalized financial products. Additionally, we provide Predictive Maintenance and Custom AI Model Development. Collaborating with clients, our AI Consultancy & Strategy service ensures seamless AI implementation. With expertise in AI, Machine Learning, and more, our vision is to drive global progress through superior and sustainable AI solutions. Join us to harness the full potential of AI for your business.

SolarKapital Asset Management Services (SKAM) is an asset management services provider focused in the Greek photovoltaic sector. Being a member of SolarKapital Group, SKAM is responsible for the former’s operations in Greece but also serves a limited number of selected Independent Power Producers (IPPs) engaged in the country.

IA AGRO specializes in providing innovative Agrivoltaic solutions that combine solar energy production with traditional agricultural practices, creating a more sustainable and profitable farming model.

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